Champions League- A distant dream this year?


    steven-gerrard-istanbul-460-55126245-3255919[1]Last week I recall there was huge optimism that we would be a top four side after an unbeaten run, this quickly changed – a poor performance and a defeat and we are a poor side with questions asked of us? This is why I prefer to look at performance over a 10 game period.

    I am not one to judge after a couple of games and believe manager’s should be given time to build their own side and implement their own style. Having a revolving door of players and manager’s holds no stability for any football club even the clubs with unlimited funds. When as a club we clearly don’t have unlimited funds and appear to be on a cut costing measure to trim our budgets but also be competitive. So we have almost reached the half way stage of the season we have played 17 out of 19 teams in the league just QPR and Fulham to complete the set.

    I have done a quick comparison at to look at where we were in each of the last three seasons as feel we have had a serious of changes and upheaval during this period:-

    12/13- from 17 games 5 wins, 7 draws, 5 defeats,23 scored,23 conceded =22 points-12th position
    11/12- from 17 games 8 wins, 6 draws, 3 defeats, 20 scored, 13 conceded=30 points-6th position
    10/11- from 17 games 6 wins, 4 draws, 7 defeats, 21 scored, 22 conceded=22 points-9th position

    These statistics tell us very little pessimists will point out we have won the least amount of games, conceded the most amount of goals and have the lowest amount of points. The optimists will point to the highest amount of goals scored and the improved easy on the eye football style.

    First I look at our league position and for everybody connected with Liverpool FC this is so hurtful, some say it’s a false position? When I look at it we have only beaten West Ham and Norwich who are currently above us, drawing with Man City, Chelsea, Stoke, Everton and Swansea a total of 11 points. The teams were are above we have beaten Southampton, Wigan and Reading and drawn with Sunderland and Newcastle the same total of 11 points. Looking at these two totals if we can gain any points against the remaining two sides to play after Christmas we could be in a more promising position to challenge for Europe.

    I will always stand by the factor we are very much a team in transition and although I would have like to point out that only a certain percentage of transfers will ever be successful in the game so a year down the line when we see the success of some of Brendan Rogers signings and the failings of others. As fans we are desperate to regain our Champions league status are to begin challenging for titles once again we have a big January looming where the squad simply must be strengthened and I imagine take time to bed in.

    The last four years have shown 69, 68, 70 and 72 have been enough to secure champions league football so from 21 games we are looking at around 50 points which is surely far too much of an ask but can we finish higher than last season probably more of a realistic target.

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