Johnson denies that Reds rely on Suarez


    Liverpool defender Glen Johnson has denied claims that the Reds are reliant on striker Luis Suarez for goals this season.

    The Uruguayan has been the team’s stand out performer and is also top scorer with ten league goals.

    But England international Johnson does not think that they rely on him.

    “We are not relying on Suarez at all,” Johnson said.article-2238953-163500AC000005DC-453_468x308[1]

    “Obviously he is our main striker, but we are not relying on him.”

    “It’s everyone’s job to get around him and try and score.”

    “You need a bit of luck in front of goal and on another day we might have had two or three. It’s a difficult one because with Jose’s goal I thought his feet were in line with the last defender.”

    “His shoulders were offside but surely the advantage should go with the attacker. I have seen them given. It is frustrating for us but you can see why the linesman has given it if he can see some part of his body in front.”

    “I never felt that we were in any danger but they dug in and defended well.”

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