Not spending big – Is this such a bad thing?


    To be honest, on first read of this news today I was a bit upset, but then after calming down a tad and assessing the issue, I am actually quite happy about this news.

    Recent big money signings have not exactly worked out for us have they, and like it or not, we have become a bit of an easy target, and I hate to say it, but also a bit of a joke in the transfer windows. Look at Dirk Kuyt, everyone would want him in their team according to 99% of pundits but we got £1million for him…. Are we to believe Stewart Downing is worth £19million more than him, or Andy Carroll is worth £34Million more?being-liverpool[1]

    The last few windows, albeit (most of the big faux pas) under old management, have been ridiculous and we have very stupidly overspent. This news today, I believe is very good management from Brendan Rodgers as it is his job to steady the ship in every aspect. Off the field and on it. We will not pay over the odds for average players again and after half a season we can all see where we need to strengthen.

    He has also set the stall out that we do not have a crazy amount to spend and will offer what we can afford to other clubs. Newcastle knew we had £50million there when Torres left, Villa knew Downing was their star man and we apparently needed him, and the trend goes, Villa player of the season…. move on (usually to City for a big sum of money) and we did the same.

    I urge all Reds fans to bear with Brendan this January, yes we need another striker but Luis Suarez is top of the goal scoring charts and when was the last time that was happenning for us? We have had little to no midfield players chipping in with goals so maybe we need to look at that too? I still believe in Brendan Rodgers and this is a transitional year as we all know. We may forget at times, such is our nature as passionate fans, but as he said, he will keep us on the right path financially as well as on the field.

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