Patience is the key to success


    A lot has been said about Brendan Rodgers this week via various media outlets following last weeks home defeat to Swansea, and the 1-1 draw at home to Newcastle United. Most of this has been negative and I think it is very early days to judge our new leader, especially when there are a number of players at the club that he does not want as part of his plans. Some forums are saying he is not ready for a job like Liverpool whilst others are saying he doesn’t have a Plan B when things are not going right. I sort of agree with the latter however, we will benefit from this in the future once the Ulsterman has his own squad.

    It may be naive from Rodgers to only pay the ‘tiki taka’ way however, as proven with Andre Villas-Boas at Chelsea last season, if you start changing the style you have, you can start to get very confused which results in fans and the media questioning you even more.

    Rodgers is sticking to his vision and if he is given time, I believe that vision will pay off and bring more success to our great football club. Brendan is our 4th manager in as many years and this is not stability that Liverpool Football Club is used too. Okay, people may say that Roy Hodgson was never given enough time in the job however it was clear after the first few games under Hodgson’s tenure that the club had made a massive mistake. Hodgson was too cautious and negative to be a Liverpool manager. The job is all about taking risks, which Rodgers has achieved by bringing through youngsters and playing the way he wants too with, arguably, a mediocre squad.

    The fans understand what he is trying to do and have built a solid early relationship with him; they never took to Hodgson and vice versa. It was clear Hodgson did not really have a plan as to what he wanted to achieve and build at Anfield. Rodgers has. Kenny Dalglish steadied the ship after Hodgson’s dismissal and now we need to get back to basics by giving a manager time and the chance to succeed. There needs to be some stability with regards to the manager’s position.

    There is so much pressure on the club to get back in to the Champions League (which we all want) however it is going to take time and stability is needed whilst we make our way back to Europe’s premier competition.

    When Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez took over at Anfield, the club were in similar positions as to when Rodgers took over. Maybe more similar under Houllier than Benitez. Both were given time to get their own squads in and implement their styles. I know we won the European Cup in Rafa’s first season, as well as The Treble early into Houllier’s reign, however both were still given time and we benefited from that as a football club.

    We cannot keep chopping and changing and we have to make sure Rodgers is given time, and I’m convinced this time next year we will be in a more healthy position and on the right road to where we want to be. That is competing for trophies on a domestic and European scale. The reality is, at the moment, we are where we are and there is no quick fix unless you have the spending power of Chelsea and Manchester City. That’s why I believe in our current position; we need to back the manager and we will be rewarded. Remember, patience is the key to success.

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